This question is invariably raised by most folks at one time or another after purchasing in a hom- eowner’s association. It’s asked in a moment of confusion when one realizes that their monthly assessment already includes a portion going to- wards an insurance policy maintained by the asso- ciation. If that is the case, then why is additional insurance necessary? Click Here to View More »
In a large number of condominiums water is a shared community expense that is paid for by the association. Due to the fact that homeowners do not individually see a bill, it can unfortunately lead them to assume that water is free. It is important that every Board and property manager acknowl- edges this misconception and takes the time to educate the member’s of their association that water is, in fact, a major expense. Click Here to View More »
Unless you’ve been in a cave, (and a pretty deep one at that), the daily news informing us of the mortgage foreclosure debacle seems almost ines- capable. Click Here to View More »
My father, a military pilot with the United States Marine Corps, told me of a story of his early train- ing days where the Corps’ fixed wing training unit in Pensacola, Florida became increasingly concerned over the number of young pilots who ended up ditching their plane in the water over and over again while beginning take off. Click Here to View More »