Since the beginning of time, we have always dreamed and fantasized about being able to y. Who hasn’t seen or chuckled at those old news reels showing someone’s imagination as people raced to create that rst magical ying machine. Click Here to View More »
Good, Fast, Cheap. The perfect trifecta of what we look for when it comes to purchasing products and services. We expect a product that is good not shoddy, without having to wait long to get it, and while we are at it, let’s not have it break the pocketbook. In the consumer oriented society we live in today where the “Customer is always right!” is this a fair expectation? Click Here to View More »
A gentleman recently purchased a unit in a Miami Beach Florida condominium in large part because the governing documents stated very clearly that pets were not allowed in that association. This was a very important factor for the 49 year old man due to his recent kidney transplant, and his doctor’s orders that avoiding animal fur and dander was imperative for his health and recuperation. In spite of all this, he and his association must now contend with another unit owner in the building who has a rather large dog claiming that they need this dog as a companion animal. Click Here to View More »
In recent years every municipal water consumer saw increases in costs due to the conservation rates that were implemented all across the country. Experts agree that these increases are just the beginning, and that regular increases should be expected across the country. Municipalities are already proving them right in the area of the supply of water. Click Here to View More »
Last month, a man living in a Homeowner’s Association in Greenacres Florida was found standing toe to toe against his HOA, the Management Company and a Grounds Crew screaming and yelling “This is where you stop!” Click Here to View More »
There are times when every homeowner association board is faced with a time sensitive decision that calls for action now. How you handle that situation is very important. To not act, could cause harm to an individual; or further damage to the property. We all recognize the need to act in this instance, however.... Click Here to View More »
German statesman Otto von Bismarck has been often attributed in saying (after witnessing the legislative process) – “If you like laws and sausages, you should never watch either one being made!” Click Here to View More »
Boards acting on behalf of associations governed by MCIOA are required to have open board meetings except when the discussion involves certain sensitive matters (as enumerated in MCIOA). Click Here to View More »
Most folks are pretty resilient and resourceful when they need to be. With an economy and job market that continues to stall, many folks facing cut backs on work hours find another job, or if they have lost one good paying job, work two lower paying jobs. We just to do what we need to, in order to get by. Click Here to View More »
In the last newsletter I wrote about the impor- tant components of the contract to consider; this month I will focus on the qualities to look for in the contractor you consider...... Click Here to View More »
Other than attorneys, contractors do not have a very good reputation for customer service. This reputation is mostly caused by the public's buying habits. Price is the easiest factor to compare, and too often this is where the decision is made. When hiring a con- tractor to work on your association or your home, there are several areas that are consistently forgotten. Click Here to View More »
Newsweek magazine this last September out- lined a phenomenon they entitled “The Culture of Low-balling.” In that article the argument was made that due to a depressed economy, a sharp rise in unemployment, and a housing bub- ble that had burst causing foreclosures to take place at unprecedented levels; a new mind-set was taking hold with Americans, the mind-set of “Low-balling”. Click Here to View More »