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Michael P. Mullen, CPA, PLLC

Name: Michael P. Mullen, CPA
5912 West 35th Street
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55416
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Telephone: 952-928-3011
Fax: 952-925-0757

Company Established In: 1993
Number of Employess: 9
Associations Served in the Last 5 Years: 1107

Currently we provide services to over 1,100 Association clients (containing 93,000+ units). Mixed with our 50+ years of combined experience, we are clearly the industry's leading CPA firm. In fact, our firm provides services to nearly 40% of all Associations in the Twin Cities.

Our highly knowledgeable staff is proficient in all of the accounting principles that are applicable to Common Interest Realty Associations and other Nonprofit Organizations. We possess the necessary qualifications and expertise to provide you with the myriad of professional services required in this industry.

Your home is an investment, and the strength of your Association's financial condition affects its marketability. As the industry's leader, our firm stands prepared to serve your Association's needs and assist board members and managers as they carry out their fiduciary responsibilities.